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fic journal for xari and xryso

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here!

Fic Journal for xrysomou and xaritomene
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About Us

This is a fic comm for the fanfiction of xrysomou and xaritomene, predominantly for our bandom fic. Enjoy!

Our Fic Masterlist

Membership is open (we love meeting new people! And feedback is greatly appreciated!) but this isn't an all-traffic comm, so posting is restricted to the pair of us.

Come in, put your feet up, and have fun!


We are in no way affiliated with any of the people we write about. We do not know them or anything about their lives and everything we write is fictional (made up! not real! fake as the fakest of fake things!).

It seems obvious, but clearly this journal will contain RPF and RPS - Real Person Fiction. If you don't like it, please don't read it and then complain to us about it.

If you're here because you googled yourself or your famous friends/family members, we strongly advise you not to read.

Conversely, if you're here for fun, please, for pity's sake, do NOT link any of this stuff to any of the people concerned. If you do, the sky will fall and the internet will shut down. Trufax.

This journal is marked as including adult concepts for a reason. There will be NC-17 stories hosted here, and although we will mark them as 'explicit adult content' and attempt, as far as is possible, to keep minors from seeing inappropriate content, the onus is on you. We can't urge you strongly enough to read responsibly!

We do not own any of the shows, books or films we write about. We are not affiliated in any way with their authors or creators.

Last, but by no means least, please don't take anything of ours without asking. Plagiarism is a bitch and though we're sure to be flattered should you want to archive anything, asking first sweetens the deal and prevents any misunderstandings.

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